6. QUEL and EQUEL Statements : Modify Statement—Change Table or Index Properties : Syntax
[##modify tablename|indexname 
 to storage_structure  [unique]
 [on columnname [asc|desc]{, columnname [asc|desc]}]
A with_clause consists of the word with followed by a comma-separated list of any number of the following items:
allocation = n
extend = n
fillfactor=n  (isamhash, and btree only)
minpages=n  (hash only)
maxpages=n  (hash only)
leaffill=n  (btree only)
nonleaffill=n  (btree only)
newlocation=(location_name {, location_name})
oldlocation=(location_name {, location_name})
location=(location_name {location_name})
compression [= ([[no]key] [,[no]data])] | nocompression
unique_scope = row | statement
To move a table:
[##modify tablename|indexname  to relocate
  with   oldlocation = (
locationname {, locationname}),
    newlocation = (
locationname {, locationname}),
To change locations for a table:
[##modify tablename|indexname   to reorganize 
  with location = (locationname {, locationname})
To delete all data in a table:
[##modify tablename|indexname  to truncated
To reorganize a btree table's index:
[##modify tablename|indexname  to merge
To add pages to a table:
[##modify tablename|indexname  to add_extend
[with extend = number_of_pages]
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