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Access Warehouse or Database Connection Information
After your Actian warehouse or database is created and running (see Create a Warehouse and Restart a Warehouse or Create a Database Instance and Restart a Database), you may connect to it from external applications. These applications could deal with loading data, performing ad-hoc querying, using BI tools for reporting, loading data into a Spark warehouse or into a Data Science workbench. You may use any tool or application that is ODBC- JDBC-, or .NET-compliant.
You can access connection information for various third-party tools through the Connection tab on the Warehouse Details or Database Instance Details page. The dropdown menu on the Connections tab displays the various warehouse/database connection strings for JDBC, ODBC, as well as the tools listed in Connection Tools.
Note:  While a warehouse or database is being created, this information will not be available immediately. We recommend that you use this time to download and set up your client; follow the link for your application in Connection Tools.
Connection strings will work only from machines with an Allow List IP address. For more information, see Update Allow List IP Addresses.
Last modified date: 05/15/2024