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Automatic Stopping of Idle Warehouses or Databases
Every Avalanche warehouse/database created includes an idle stop feature that automatically stops idle warehouse/database to save costs. You can see the warehouse/database created date at the bottom of the Warehouse Details or Database Instance Details page.
You can set the idle stop time at warehouse/database creation from a minimum of 0 hours, 15 minutes to a maximum of 4 hours, 45 minutes. For more information, see Create a New Warehouse or Create a New Database Instance.
An idle warehouse/database is one that has no running queries. If you open a connection to the Avalanche warehouse/database but do nothing in that session, Avalanche will consider the warehouse/database as idle. If a warehouse/database remains idle for the amount of idle stop time that was set, Avalanche will automatically stop the warehouse/database. The timer is reset whenever a new query is run.
If your warehouse/database has stopped and you want to restart it, see Restart a Warehouse.
To modify idle stop period for Google Cloud warehouses, see Modify Idle Stop Period (Google Cloud Only).
Last modified date: 01/18/2023