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Comparing Warehouses and Databases
Avalanche enables you to create data warehouses or online transaction-processing (OLTP) databases.
A warehouse gathers or collects data from various sources into a central repository. It enables users to analyze large, multidimensional data sets for business purposes. Warehouses provide advanced querying capabilities.
A cloud database is used to handle day-to-day transactional data that changes often, even on a daily basis. These databases process a great number of transactions. Avalanche uses a traditional OLTP database that handles insertions, deletions, and updates.
Collects data from various sources into a central repository
Processes transactional data that often changes
Stores huge amounts of data, including historical data
Holds current data in regular use
Usually 100 GB to 2 TB in size
Usually 10 MB to 100 GB in size
Data is used for analyzing your business
Data used for running your business
Data is processed using queries
Data is processed using transactions
Unnormalized data may be present
Redundant data may be present
Data is normalized
Data is unique
Last modified date: 01/18/2023