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Set the dbuser Connection Password
Note:  This section applies only to Azure and AWS AV-1 warehouses.
The dbuser is the local database user with administrative privileges on the db database. It is able to manage other users (add, alter, remove; see Manage Users) and has all privileges for sample data (select, alter, delete, copy, reference, and so on). It is a member of the dbadmingrp (see User Groups).
It is used for managing users; database administration; and for any JDBC, ODBC, and CLI connections when dbuser is specified as the connecting user.
The dbuser has identical privileges to the warehouse creator. The dbuser is a database user that has equivalent privilege levels and access to the warehouse creator, who is an SSO user (see Types of Users). The dbuser and warehouse creator can create and assign privileges to other account users. The dbuser and warehouse creator are both database administrators.
After warehouse creation (Create a Warehouse), one of your first tasks should be to set a password for the dbuser to ensure it is available for use in other tools and applications.
IMPORTANT!  To perform this task, the warehouse must be in a Running state.
To set the dbuser database connection password
1. On the Warehouses page, click the name of the warehouse whose dbuser password you want to set.
The Warehouse Details page is displayed.
2. In the Connection Password field, click the Set Connection Password link.
The Database Connection Password dialog appears.
3. Enter the new password of at least 7 characters and confirm it.
4. Click Save.
Last modified date: 01/04/2024