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About Macro Definition Files
Macro sets and macros reside in your workspace in a file called the macro definition file. Any macro sets or macros that you create are saved in this file. The macro definition file contains the macro sets that can be referenced by any project or artifact in the workspace. If you switch between macro set definition files that contain different macro sets:
It is recommended to close all open editors and then open the artifacts that will use the other macro definition file
If the macro definition file that you have switched to does not contain macro sets used in maps or processes that are reopened, then the missing macro sets are removed from the map or process.
The supported file formats are:
For backward compatibility with Data Integrator v9.
Only one GLOBAL macro set is allowed.
Encryption is not supported.
New macro definition files are created in JSON format.
Allows duplicate macro names if the macros are in different macro sets. The usage of the duplicate macro depends on the order of the macro sets listed in the runtime Configuration tab of a map or process.
Encrypted macros and macro sets are only supported in JSON format files. If you add any of these to an XML macro definition file, you must save it as JSON format.
The default macro definition file name is MacroDef.xml and the default location is C:\Users\<username>\Actian\DataConnect\workspace\.
Last modified date: 08/10/2022