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Actian Extract
This connector uses extract scripts created in the Content Extractor as source files. For more information about the Content Extractor, see Using Extract Editor.
Connectivity Pointers
Content Extractor and the integration platform browsers show the exported record types in correct order. The grid displays the schema in the order that Accept Records were defined in Content Extractor.
Connector Properties
You can set the following source (S) properties.
Type of encoding used with source files.
Shift-JIS encoding is applicable only in Japanese operating systems.
UCS-2 is no longer considered a valid encoding name, but you may use UCS2. In your source or target file, change UCS-2 to UCS2.
Note:  This property is not encoding of the database that you connect to, but it is the encoding in which the connector expects to receive SQL query statements that must be sent to the database.
Byte order of Unicode (wide) characters. The available options are:
Auto (default): Byte order is determined by the system architecture
Little Endian: Generally used by Intel machines and DEC Alphas and places the least significant portion of a byte value in the left portion of the memory used to store the value.
Big Endian: Used by IBM 370 computers, Motorola microprocessors and most RISC-based systems and stores the values in the same order as the binary representation.
Extract (CXL Script)
Extraction script file (.cxl extension) created using Content Extractor.
Note:  The .cxl file created from the specified source data file must be used.
Set or override program variable values.
If the source data file starts with characters that must be excluded from the transformation, set the StartOffset option to specify at which byte of the file to begin. The default value is zero. The correct value may be determined by using the Hex Browser. For a list of the 256 standard and extended ASCII characters, search for "hex values" in the documentation.
Note:  This property is set in number of bytes, not characters.