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Adding Integration Artifacts
DataConnect integration artifacts can be created and saved to any Project that exists within the current Workspace. The following design artifacts can be created with DataConnect Studio IDE and may also be reused between different projects.
Artifact Name
Transformation of a source file or table to a target file or table. It converts data from one format, layout, or application to another.
Each map create two files:
Map file with file extension as .map - Contains metadata regarding the source and target schemas, defined events & actions, and mapping.
Transformation file with file extension as .map.rtc - Contains transformation information and the names of the .map, .src.dataset, .trg.dataset, source, and target files used in the transformation.
Workflow that includes steps for transformations, scripts, application executables, and components. The file extension is .process.
EZscript library
Reusable expression written in the script editor. The file extension can be .bas, .rifl, or .ezscript.
Structured Schema
Describes the structure and record types in source and target data. The file extension is .schema.
Contains the data that must be extracted from semi-structured text files and convert the data into a tabular format that can be used as a source in Map Editor. The file extension is .extract.
Note:  In addition to design artifacts, you can add folders and files to a project.
Last modified date: 11/01/2022