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Adding Project-level Macro Sets
You can specify one or more macro sets that can be used for the artifacts in a project. Before this, make sure that macro sets with the required macros are available in the macro definition file for the workspace. For information to create macro sets and macros, see Managing Macro Sets and Macros.
Note:  By default, the GLOBAL macro set is added to a project.
To specify a macro set for a project:
1. In Project Explorer, right-click the project for which you want to specify the macro set and do any of the following:
Click Macro Set References.
Click Properties.
The Properties for <project name> window is displayed.
If you had clicked Properties, then expand DataConnect and click Macro Sets.
Two sections are displayed on this window:
Macro sets on the left side
Macros on the right side
2. To view all macros from all macro sets that are relevant to the map or process, click <All> in Macro Sets section.
3. In Macro Sets, click .
The Select Project Macro Sets window displays a list of all the macro sets available for the workspace.
4. From the Workspace Macro Sets section, click the macro set that you want to specify for the current project and click icon.
To specify more that one macro set, press the <Ctrl> key, select the macro sets, and click icon.
You can also click icon to select all the macro sets available in the workspace.
The selected macro sets are moved to Project Macro Set section.
Note:  You cannot move or remove the GLOBAL macro set.
5. Click OK to close the Properties for <project name> window.
The selected macro sets and the macros are displayed.
6. To reorder the priority of the macro sets, in the Macro Sets section, click icon to move the macro set up or click icon to move the macro set down.
Note:  You cannot reorder the <All>, LOCAL, and GLOBAL macro sets.
7. Click Apply and Close to apply the macro sets for the project.
Last modified date: 06/13/2022