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Browsing Data
You can verify the schema generated using the extract by browsing the data. Before browsing the data, make sure the Accept Records are defined.
To browse the data, go to Extract menu and select Browse Data. The Data Browser window displays the extracted data using Actian Extract connector.
Note:  If Compatibility mode is On, then v9 connector is used.
If Accept Records are not defined and you browse data, then “No accept records defined” message is displayed.
If a single Accept Record is defined, then any unassigned fields in the extract are automatically assigned to this Accept Record and the following message is displayed:
Fields assigned to Accept Record “<Accept Record Name>”
If multiple Accept Records are defined, then the Accept Record Definition window is displayed that allows you to assign fields to the Accept Record(s).
If any line style or floating tag field has invalid search patterns (that is, meta characters in the search text are not escaped), then a syntax error message is displayed. To debug this, generate the CXL script using Save CXL option in the Extract menu and check for the problem on the line reported in the error message.
If any other error occurs while opening the Data Browser, it is displayed.
Last modified date: 08/10/2022