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Business Requirements
Identify the business problems to solve and state it in a non-technical language. For example:
Objective: We need to begin using new accounting application in Q1 of the next fiscal year
Capture the business processes that the new system will perform as a workflow diagram. Include human interactions and interactions with other applications.
The ‘orders-to-cash’ workflow is described as:
Salesperson updates an opportunity in CRM to 'closed-won'
CRM automatically generates a Purchase Order and sends to customer
Customer signs Purchase Order and replies
CRM sends event message to Finance
Finance automatically generates Invoice and sends to customer
Customer replies with payment
Document the requirements that will determine success from a business perspective and not from a technological perspective. For example:
Success criteria: We need the new application to:
Contain seven years of historical data
Balance and match the last three years of historical data with the old application
Balance and match the remaining current fiscal year data in parallel with the old application
The Business Requirements Document is used to explain and get buy-in from business stakeholders and provide context to the implementation team for the technical requirements.
Last modified date: 08/10/2022