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Change Log for 11.6.0 (Build Number 11.6.0-33)
The following table provides the list of fixed issues’ details in the 11.6.0 release with 11.6.0-33 build number.
Bug ID
In Map Wizard, if you select an existing table for a single mode target connector, then DataConnect does not set the output mode to append.
In a map, after establishing source, target, and lookup connection, when you click Show Results on the Mapping tab, the Results Column displays <Null> for a few lookup fields.
Using the Map Wizard, after you create a map with XML-DMS as the source connector and JSON as the target connector, and then run the map, incorrect events are added and the following error message is displayed:
Sending updates to DMS: Error Writing start object tag: com.fasterxml.jackson.core.JsonGenerationException: Can not start an object, expecting field name
Using the Map Wizard, when you create a map with Netsuite as the source connector and Actian Vector, Actian Ingres, ActianX, or Actian Avalanche as the target connector, the Long data type is mapped to CHAR data type. Instead, the Long data type must be mapped to Integer data type. Also, the length of the target field must be equal to or greater than the length of the source field.
Last modified date: 06/13/2022