User Guide : Designing and Executing Map : Mapping Target from Source Data : Common Options
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Common Options
You can use the following common options to view the records in Simple or Advanced view.
Add additional field. Disabled if schema is locked. Unlock the schema and then add the field.
The new field is added to the end of the list and it displays the default type and the default size. By default, the description for new field is empty.
To insert a field in the middle of a field list, select the row before which you want to add the field and click /download/attachments/24975466/Map_Mapping_AddField_Icon.png?version=1&modificationDate=1487964384147&api=v2. A new field will be added before the selected row.
If no row is selected, then the new field is added to the end of the field list. If all fields are selected and you insert a new field, the new field will be inserted at the end of the field list.
The same behavior occurs when you right-click and select Add Field or when you use the <Insert> key.
Delete field. Disabled if schema is locked. Unlock the schema and then delete the field. A warning message appears. Click Yes. The selected field is deleted.
Select multiple fields using Ctrl.
You can delete all fields by selecting the field name column and pressing the Delete key. A warning message is displayed. Click Yes. The fields are deleted.
You can also delete a field by right-clicking and selecting Delete Field.
If the target output mode is Append or Update, you cannot delete the field.
Move Up
Move record up. Disabled if schema is locked.
Move Down
Move record down. Disabled if schema is locked.
Lock Schema
Schema is locked. Click to unlock.
Unlock Schema
Schema is not locked. Click to lock.
Column Picker
Show or hide columns based on your requirement. The selection will be retained for all the maps (new and existing). You can also set the default columns in Options > Preferences window. For more information, see Setting Map Preferences.
Show Search Bar
Displays the search bar that you can use to search for Source Field, Target Field, Global Variable, or Text String in a map.
Note:   The Custom Search Navigator is available only for XML-based artifacts.
Simple View
Displays the source schema and target schema in two panels.
Advanced View
Displays everything that can be configured to control your source to target transformation in four component windows.
Match by
Maps the target fields with source field using Match By Name, Match By Position, or Auto Map options from the drop-down menu.
Show Results/ Hide Results
Toggle icon to show or hide the transformation results. This is the default status if the icon is based on Map Preferences setting.
If Show Results is clicked, the Test Control icons are displayed, the source section displays the Contents column and the target section displays the Results column. If you have multiple targets, then select the required target to view the Transformation Results. To hide the Test Control icons and these two columns, click Hide Results.
Note:  When the Source and/or LookUp and Target connections are not established, the following error message is displayed:
To view this Transformation results, make sure the source, lookups (if any) and all the targets are connected.
For Source, Targets, and Lookups, when you click Show Results, an error message is displayed with Connect for Me button. All the Source, Targets and Lookups are connected successfully with a single click on Connect for Me, if the Source, Targets and Lookups have valid connection information.
The Test Control icons are:
/download/attachments/24975466/Map_Mapping_First_Record.png?version=1&modificationDate=1487964384193&api=v2 First Record - View the first record.
/download/attachments/24975466/Map_Mapping_Previous10Records.png?version=1&modificationDate=1487964384287&api=v2 Previous 10 Records - View the previous ten records.
/download/attachments/24975466/Map_Mapping_PreviousRecord.png?version=1&modificationDate=1487964384303&api=v2 Previous Record - View the previous record.
Empty text box - View a specific record.
/download/attachments/24975466/Map_Mapping_NextRecord.png?version=1&modificationDate=1487964384240&api=v2 Next Record - View the next record.
/download/attachments/24975466/Map_Mapping_Next10Records.png?version=1&modificationDate=1487964384225&api=v2 Next 10 Records - View the next 10 records.
/download/attachments/24975466/Map_Mapping_LastRecord.png?version=1&modificationDate=1487964384209&api=v2 Last Record - View the last record.
/download/attachments/24975466/Map_Mapping_ResetGlobalsNow.png?version=1&modificationDate=1487964384318&api=v2 Reset Globals Now - Reset global variables used in the field expressions.
/download/attachments/24975466/Map_Mapping_ResetGlobalsEveryRecord.png?version=1&modificationDate=1487964384287&api=v2 Reset Globals Every Record - Test each source record as if it were the first record in the source file or table.
Toggle icon to insert or overwrite the existing target fields. When you drag and drop a field onto any cell to the left of a target expression, it either adds the dropped field or overwrites the existing target field based on the selected icons.
Browse Data
View Source or Target data.
Note:  The /download/attachments/24975466/Map_Mapping_LinkIcon.png?version=1&modificationDate=1487964384178&api=v2 icon indicates that the field is mapped to another field (from source or target). If it is not mapped, then the icon is grayed-out.
If you save and open the map, you can view the Sources and Targets tab details without connecting to the source and target.