User Guide : Designing and Executing Map : Setting Up Reject Data : Confirming Reject Schema
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Confirming Reject Schema
For every reject connector, the respective default confirm schema is displayed.
Note:  If you have selected a connector in the Connection section and not selected Copy from Source or Copy from Target, then you can enable or disable the based on the selected connector. However, for database connectors, Confirm Schema is grayed-out and you cannot make any changes.
To confirm the schema for the reject data:
1. In the map file, go to Targets tab.
2. From the Select Target drop-down list, select Reject.
3. Go to Confirm Schema section.
The schema for the selected connector is displayed on the right-side in tabular format.
4. In Select Schema, click Browse and specify an external schema file for a new reject file (such as Ascii Fixed, or Binary). In this case, the selected schema is displayed in gray color, indicating non-editable.
An Unlock icon is displayed on the top of schema indicating that this schema is locked and you cannot edit it. To edit the schema, click the Unlock icon. A copy of the external schema is created and used for this map. The changes you make on this schema only affect this map and does not have any effect on the original schema.
5. Click Save Schema As and specify the file name to save the modified schema as a different schema file, or save a database table schema for later use.
6. Click Refresh if any changes are done to the schema.