User Guide : Managing Document Schemas : Creating Abstract Message Definition
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Creating Abstract Message Definition
For HL7 type of file, you can create message definitions with specific properties in terms of structure. You can then export the message definition to replace the existing schema.
Before you create the abstract message definition, you must know the following symbols and their significance:
[<name>] / {<name>} / [{<name>}]
Creates a segment with the specified name.
For example:
Creates the NK1 segment.
[<group name>segment] / {<group name>segment} / [{<group name>segment}]
You can create a group only if the parentheses contains at least one segment.
For example:
[{ROL}] //segment
[group <subgroup name>]/ {group <subgroup name>} / [{group <subgroup name>}]
You can create a subgroup within a group.
For example:
To create an abstract message definition for HL7 schema file:
1. In Project Explorer, open a .ds.xml file (HL7 file type) for which you want to create the sample data.
The file opens in a tab (Schema Viewer).
2. From the menu bar, click Schema > Abstract Message Definition.
The Abstract Message Definition window contains the abstract definition of all the groups, subgroups, and segments that are already created.