User Guide : Managing Document Schemas : Creating Document Schema File
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Creating Document Schema File
To create a new document schema file:
1. Make sure the v9 compatibility mode is enabled.
2. Click File > New > Schema.
The New Schema File window is displayed.
3. Select Document Schema and click Next.
The Select a Template window is displayed.
4. In Template Name, click Browse, specify the template, and click Next. The template is created using the controlling standards documentation. After creating the document schema file, you can select the required segments from the template.
The window to specify the document schema file name and the location is displayed.
5. In Enter or Select the parent folder, select a parent folder where the new document schema file is saved.
6. In Document Schema File Name, type a file name for the document schema and click Next.
The following information is displayed.
Type any information for the document schema file that you are creating.
Displays the title of the template that you have selected.
Displays the subject of the template that you have selected.
Displays the name of the author who has created the template.
Trading Partner
Displays the trading partner of the template that you have selected.
Industry Type
Displays the industry type of the template that you have selected.
7. Click Finish.
The document schema file is created with the file extension .ds.xml and it is displayed as a separate tab.