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Creating Sample Data File
You can create sample data file for HIPAA, X12, EDIFACT, HL7, or SWIFT file types.
To create a sample data file:
1. In Project Explorer, open a .ds.xml file for which you want to create the sample data.
The file opens in a tab (Schema Viewer).
2. On the Configuration tab, make sure the dependent library files are linked.
Note:  Linking library files is not applicable for SWIFT file type.
3. From the menu bar, click Schema > Create Sample Data.
The Create EDI Sample File window is displayed for HIPAA, X12, or EDIFACT file types.
The Create HL7 Sample File window is displayed for HL7 file type.
The Create SWIFT Sample File window is displayed for SWIFT file type.
4. Specify the file name and click Save.
For HIPAA, X12, and EDIFACT file types, the file extension is .edi. For HL7 and SWIFT file types, it is .txt.
The sample data file is saved within the project in Project Explorer.
5. Right-click on the sample data file and select Open With > Text Editor.
The selected file opens in a tab. You can see that the selected schema file is transformed into a data file.
You can now use this sample file in the Doc Validator step (Process) or in the Map. For more information, see Validating Data.
Last modified date: 06/13/2022