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Creating Schema Using Metadata Connector
When you create a new schema, you can define its structure using a format generated from an external data file type, such as XML. This option allows you to analyze the metadata of the schema. You can then extract the record types you want to include or import the entire schema.You can also replace or append the existing record types in the schema. You can create a schema by copying the layouts from an external metadata connectors such as Cobol 01, Oracle DDL, SQL Server DDL and so on.
To create a schema using metadata connector:
1. Select a DataConnect project and do any of the following:
Go to File > New > Schema.
Click the arrow in /download/attachments/24975433/ProjectExplorer_New_Icon.png?version=1&modificationDate=1489225993005&api=v2 and then click Schema.
Right-click on the project and then click New > Schema.
The New Schema File page is displayed.
If v9 compatibility mode is enabled, then when you select any of the preceding option, the Select a Schema Type window is displayed. Select Structured Schema and click Next.
2. Select the project where you want to create the schema and in the Schema File Name field, type a name for the schema, and click Next.
The Select Schema Type and Connector page is displayed.
3. Specify the following:
Choose Schema Type - Select Source to create a schema for the source data or Target to create a schema for the target data.
Choose Connector - From the drop-down list, select a connector. Connections determine the data types that will be used in building the schema.
4. Click Next.
The Select Schema Creation Method page is displayed.
5. Select Use Metadata Connector and click Next.
The Select Metadata Connector page is displayed.
6. Specify the following:
Choose Metadata Connector - Select the metadata connector and specify the required properties. For the type of metadata connector, see Types of Metadata Connectors.
Choose Metadata File - Click Browse and specify the metadata file.
7. Click Next.
The Select Records page is displayed.
8. In the Add to Layout column, select the check boxes to specify the records that you want to add to the schema. You can also:
Select the Select All option to add all records to the schema.
Select the Include Children option to include the child records to the schema.
9. Click Finish.
A new schema file is created and it opens as a separate tab. The records you had specified to be included to the schema are displayed in the file.
For information about the Schema Editor, see Exploring Schema Editor.
Types of Metadata Connectors
The following metadata connectors are available:
ASCII Record Structure
C Structure
Cobol 01
Cobol 01 (byte-aligned)
Common Warehouse Metadata (CWM)
DJ 4.2 Connection Spec
DJ Dictionary File (.DJD)
DJ Document Schemas
DJ Document Schemas - QRN False
Fujitsu COBOL
Micro Focus COBOL
Oracle DDL
Ryan McFarland COBOL
SQL Server DDL
XML (DTD) - QRN False
XML Schema (MS XDR - BizTalk)
XML Schema (MS XDR - BizTalk) - QRN False
XML Schema (W3C XSDL)
XML Schema (W3C XSDL) - QRN False
Last modified date: 06/13/2022