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Creating Workspace-level Macros
To create global or non-global macros:
1. Do any of the following:
Go to Options > Manage Macros.
Go to Options > Preferences. Expand DataConnect and click Macros.
The Preferences window is displayed.
2. In Macro Definition File, click Browse and specify the macro definition file where the macros must be saved.
3. In the Macro Sets section:
Select GLOBAL macro set to create a global macro.
Select any other macro set to create a non-global macro.
4. In Macros section, click /download/attachments/24975421/Map_Mapping_AddField_Icon.png?version=1&modificationDate=1487964026526&api=v2 to add a macro.
The new macro is added with a default name to the macros table and is highlighted so that you can change the macro name.
5. Click within the cells and specify the following information for the macro:
Macro Name - Type a unique name. The maximum number of characters is 198 and can include spaces.
Macro Value - If you want to assign a macro to a file or directory, click the /download/attachments/24975421/SelectIcon_WithinField.png?version=1&modificationDate=1487964026604&api=v2 and specify the directory. If you are using the macro to store a text string, then type the value in this field.
Encrypted - Select true to encrypt the macro. Else, select false. Macro values are displayed in plain text by default. When encryption is enabled, this macro value changes to a series of asterisks.
Description - Type a description for the macro.
Note:  You can click the Macro Name column heading to sort the macro names in ascending or descending order.
The macros are automatically saved to the macro definition file specified in the Macro Definition File field.
Last modified date: 08/10/2022