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Creating Your First DataConnect Integration
To create your first DataConnect integration:
1. Go to the Welcome page. This page is displayed when you install and launch DataConnect Studio IDE for the first time or when you switch to a new workspace. You can also access this page from Help > Welcome anytime.
2. Click Create My First Integration... link.
The First Integration Wizard window is displayed.
Note:  In case v9 Compatibility mode is On, a pop-up message is displayed indicating that this feature is not available when Compatibility mode is On. Go to Options > Preferences > DataConnect and clear the Enable v9 compatibility mode option.
3. Select how you want to start your first integration project:
Create First Integration: Create a DataConnect project using the new process wizard. You must also specify the project name in Project Name.
Import from Version 9: Create a DataConnect project by importing version 9 repository. A valid v9 repositories.xml is required.
Import from Version 10: Create a DataConnect project by importing version 10 artifacts. A valid v10 exported zip file is required.
Import from Folder: Import artifacts from any folder. This file folder will be created as the DataConnect project.
4. Click Finish.
Based on the selected option, the appropriate wizard is displayed. To continue, see the required section:
Last modified date: 06/13/2022