User Guide : Designing and Executing Map : Creating a Map Without Using Map Wizard
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Creating a Map Without Using Map Wizard
To create a map without using the Map wizard:
1. Select a DataConnect project and do any of the following:
Go to File > New > Map.
Click the arrow in /download/attachments/24975419/ProjectExplorer_New_Icon.png?version=1&modificationDate=1487964007993&api=v2 and then click Map.
Right-click on the project and then click New > Map.
The New Map Wizard is displayed.
2. In the Map File Name text box, type a name for the map and click Finish.
A new map is created and added under the project. When you create a map, the map file opens in a Map Editor view (tab), where you can design the map. To design the map, you must define the source and targets, map the source and target fields, and specify the events and actions. For more information about these, see the following sections:
Setting Up Source Data
Setting Up Join Sources
Setting Up Target Data
Setting Up Multimode Target Connectors
Managing Constants
Managing Intermediate Targets
Configuring Map
Mapping Target from Source Data