User Guide : Designing and Executing Map : Setting Up Target Data : Defining Sample
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Defining Sample
Both source and target data that uses one record type can be sampled for at run time to limit the number the records processed.
To set the sampling, you must first establish a connection and select a schema.
You can specify the following options to define the sample:
All records - Select this option to sample all the records.
A range of records - Select this option to specify a range of records using From and To.
Last Record - Select this check box to sample the last record.
Displays the Total record count.
Every Nth record where N equals - Select this option to sample specific records. The sampled records begin with 1, then increment by the value of n. For example, if n = 3, the sampled records for a file with 10 records are 1, 4, 7, and 10.