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Deleting Projects and Artifacts
You can delete any project or artifact in the Project Explorer. When you delete a project, all the artifacts of the project are also deleted.
By default, deleting a project removes the project from the workspace but leaves the project folder and its contents on the file system. The project can be imported back into the workspace at a later date.
Note:  Make sure that before deleting a project, you have taken a backup of the required files.
To delete a project or artifact:
1. In Project Explorer, right-click on the project or the artifact that you want to delete, and click Delete.
The Delete Resources dialog box displays a message to confirm the deletion.
2. If you want to remove the project and its contents from the file system, select the Delete project contents on disk (cannot be undone) option.
Note:  This option is not displayed if you are deleting an artifact.
3. You can click Preview to view the list of changes to be performed.
4. Click OK.
The selected project (including its artifacts) or the selected artifact is deleted.
Note:  To delete a map, you must delete both the map and the associated file.
If you have deleted the project and its contents from the file system by selecting Delete project contents on disk (cannot be undone) option, then if you press Ctrl+Z, only the project folder is restored and the contents of the project folder is not restored.
Last modified date: 11/01/2022