User Guide : Managing Macro Sets and Macros : Managing Macro Sets : Duplicating Macro Set
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Duplicating Macro Set
To create a copy of an existing macro set:
1. Do any of the following:
Go to Options > Manage Macros.
Go to Options > Preferences. Expand DataConnect and click Macros.
The Preferences window is displayed.
2. In Macro Definition File, click Browse and specify the macro definition file where the macro set must be saved.
3. In the Macro Sets section, select the macro set that you want to duplicate and click /download/attachments/24975421/Map_Source_Copy_Icon.png?version=1&modificationDate=1487964026573&api=v2.
Note:  You cannot duplicate the GLOBAL macro set.
4. A copy of the selected macro set is created with the same name and appended with _1 (0).
5. Click within the name to change the name of the macro set.
You can now add or modify the macros for this macro set. For more information, see Managing Workspace-level Macros.