User Guide : Using Extract Editor : Defining Fields : Editing Field Definition
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Editing Field Definition
To edit a field definition:
1. In the Text Viewer, double-click the highlighted region (blue/green) to edit the field identified by that region. This is applicable only for the fields that have fixed column in start and end rule.
2. Place the cursor on the line that matches the line style containing the fields to edit. Right-click and select Edit Field. This option is enabled only if there is a line style matching the selected line and there are fields associated with the line style.
The Edit Field Definition window is displayed.
You can edit any or all the fields from a single line style. By default, the Line Name and Field Name values are set to the line style that matches the selected line in the Text Viewer and the field you want to edit. If there was no specific field at the selected location, then the first field from the line style is selected by default.
For information about the various options available in the Edit Field Definition window, see Adding Field Definition.