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Editing Line Style
You can edit a line style in any of the following ways:
On the Design tab > Text Viewer area, place the cursor on the line where the line style is displayed or select the text on the line, right-click and select Edit Line Style.
Note:  This option is enabled only if there is any line style matching the selected line. Also, only those line styles that match the selected line can be edited.
In the Line Style column, right-click on the line style you want to edit and select Edit Line Style or double-click the line style.
In the Extract tool bar, click icon. Using this option, you can edit any line style. Even those line styles that do no match any lines and are not in line style column can be edited.
The Edit Line Style window is displayed. You can change the recognition rules and line actions, and delete the line fields. For more information, see Adding Line Styles.
You can edit multiple line styles in the Edit Line Style window by selecting the line style from the Line Name drop-down list.
Last modified date: 08/10/2022