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Editing Segment Library Files
You can view and edit the values of various segments and fields in a segment library file.
To edit the segment library file:
1. In Project Explorer, double-click a .dsl.xml file that you want to edit.
The segment library file opens in a separate tab.
2. For HL7 type of file:
If the field library is not linked, it displays the Configuration tab. Do the following:
a. To link a field library, in the Field Library section, click Browse, and specify the field library file (.dfl.xml). This is mandatory.
b. To link a code value library, in the Code Value Library section, click Browse, and specify the code value library file (.dcl.xml). This is optional.
c. You can also use a macro to specify the library files. To do this, right-click in the text box and click Paste Macro. The Paste Macro window is displayed. Select the required macro and click OK.
d. Click Refresh. The "Field Library refreshed" message is displayed.
e. Click the Segment Library tab. Expand any segment node to view the fields.
If the field library file is already linked, it displays the Segment Library tab with the associated segments and fields.
Note:  If you want to reload an updated field library file, then click the Configuration tab, specify the required library files as mentioned in step 2, and click Refresh. The updated library files are re-linked to the segment library. For HIPAA, X12, or EDIFACT file types, it is not mandatory to link the library files.
3. In the tree view, click the segment for which you want to change the values.
The properties and the values are displayed on the right-pane.
4. Edit the value for the required property and click Save.
For information about the properties for each type of node, see Editing Values for Node Properties.
5. You can also insert segments, elements, composites, and fields based on the file type. For more information, see the following sections in Editing Document Schema File:
Inserting Node
Deleting Node
Copying and Pasting Node
Undo or Redo Action