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Exporting Projects or Artifacts Using File System
To export project(s) or artifact(s) using File System:
1. Do one of the following to open the Export wizard:
Click File > Export.
Select a project or artifact that you want to export and do one of the following:
Right-click and click Export.
Click File > Export.
The Export window is displayed.
2. Expand General, click File System, and click Next.
The File System window displays the projects on the left pane. Click each project to view the associated artifacts on the right pane.
3. Select the required project(s) and/or artifact(s) that you want to export.
Note:  If you have selected a project or artifact in step 1, then the same project or artifact is selected by default. You can change this.
(Optional) Click Select All to select all the projects and artifacts. To deselect, click Deselect All.
4. (Optional) Filter the file type. To do this:
a. Click Filter Types.
The Select Types window is displayed.
b. Select the required file type(s) or click Select All to choose all the file types. To deselect, clear the check box or click Deselect All.
c. If the required file type is unavailable, then type the file extension in the Other Extensions text box.
d. Click OK to save and close the Select Types window.
5. In To Directory, click Browse and do any of the following as required:
Specify another workspace where you want to export the project(s) or artifact(s).
Specify another project where you want to export the artifact(s).
6. In Options, you can select any of the following:
Overwrite existing files without warning
Create directory structure for files
Create only selected directories
Resolve and export linked resources
7. Click Finish.
The selected project(s) and/or artifact(s) are exported into the specified location.
Last modified date: 04/08/2022