User Guide : Using Extract Editor : Extract Editor
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Extract Editor
The Extract Editor contains two tabs:
Design tab: Allows you to markup the data for extraction. It mainly consists of two panels:
Line Style Column: The left side of the Design tab displays the defined line styles. If there are multiple line styles that match a single line, the order of the line style determines which line style is displayed.
Text Viewer: The right side of the Design tab displays the content from the report file. It is read-only. Fields with fixed start and end columns are highlighted in the Text Viewer.
Note:  Fields with varying length are not highlighted that is, fields with floating tags and fields that extend to the end of the line.
For more information, see Defining Line Styles, Defining Fields, Parsing Data Automatically.
Configuration tab: Allows you to change the report file, specify the extract display and design options. For more information, see Configuring Extract Editor Options.
The following image shows the Extract Editor.