User Guide : Using Extract Editor : Generating Extract Script
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Generating Extract Script
When you save an extract file as a Content Extraction Language (CXL) script file, Extract Editor transforms the line styles and data field definitions you have specified on the Design tab to an internal ASCII script file (conforming to the CXL scripting language). Actian Extract connector in the Integration Engine uses this script to flatten the source text file into a clean row and column format for easy transformation. You do not have to do any script programming or even know anything about the scripting language. This unique combination of the power of a scripting language with an easy-to-use visual interface enables you to use Extract Editor in most cases where fielded text data must be extracted and flattened for transformation.
To generate a CXL script file from an extract, open the .extract file and click Extract menu > Save CXL option. The .cxl file is created in the same folder as the .extract file and is shown in Project Explorer. You can also click Save CXL As to save the .cxl file to any another location.