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HL7 Message Segment Iterator
The HL7 Message Segment Iterator is used to access data from the segments / fields / composites / sub-composites of a HL7 message by providing the required information.
This component returns either of the following:
A segment or segments (if it is repeating) using the segment name provided
A field or fields (if it is repeating) using the field name provided.
A composite or sub-composites using the composite name provided.
The component can retrieve multiple segment or field data by calling the GetMessage action until the error code 12 is returned.
Note:  The data is accessible only if the message is structurally valid. Therefore, you must structurally validate your message before you use the HL7 Message Segment Iterator.
The HL7 Message Segment Iterator then performs the following actions:
The Message control Id of the structurally valid message is set as the "OriginalMsgControlId" property of the process variable. This process variable (DJMessage type) is the one that is passed to the HL7 Message Segment Iterator.
HL7 Message Segment Iterator Properties
Property Name
Base Segment Path
Location of the schema library, which the component loads for a specific schema version and message type.
Return Type
Specify the type of information that is returned:
All - All the matching information is returned if the segment or field repeats.
First - Only the first matching information is returned.
Supported Actions
Returns data from the Iterator in a djmessage object. The maximum size limit for DJMessage is 512 MB.
Supported Action Parameters
Type the message.
Supported Action Properties
Supported HL7 version.The supported values are 2.1 to 2.5. The default value is 2.5
Segment Name
Any valid HL7 segment name.
Segment Order Number
A valid number greater than zero that represents the order or occurrence of the segment within the HL7 message. By default, the first occurrence of this segment is considered.
Field Name
A valid field ID.
All the Field IDs along with the description of the selected segment are automatically displayed in the drop-down list.
Field Required
True – If the fields have to be returned
False – If the fields are not required to be returned.
A composite number of the selected field together with its data type ID.
Composite Required
True – If the composites have to be returned
False – If the composites are not required to be returned.
Error Conditions
This transformer returns the following error messages.
Error Code
Error Name
Error in getting required information to return composite/ subcomposite/segment / field data
Returned when the component is unable to get required information.
No data found
No data found for the requested segment name or field name. Either data is not present or the segment or field is not found in the schema.
OK status
No Error. OK Status. The Information is returned successfully