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Importing Artifacts from Folder
This topic provides information about how to use the From File Folder option in the Import wizard to create a DataConnect Project from any existing folder. The name of the new project is the same name as the folder but they will not be the same location unless your workspace and the chosen folder's parent are the same. You can import maps, processes, and data profile artifacts that are saved within the project folder.You can "copy" all contents of that folder into your workspace. If you do not select the copy option, the DataConnect project created in your workspace points to the chosen folder location and all edits to the artifacts in that folder will be on the original files. If you want to preserve these original files, you can either backup the files or select the copy option when importing.
This import option was created because copying a large folder across a network drive sometimes takes a long time. You can copy to a local folder instead and then Import From Folder without the copy option selected. You can import maps, processes, data profiles, and schemas.
To import from folder:
1. Launch DataConnect Studio IDE.
2. Make sure you have a valid version 11 license. For more information, see Uploading License File.
3. In Project Explorer, click the project where you want to import the artifacts.
4. Click File > Import.
The Import window is displayed.
5. Expand DataConnect, click From File Folder, and click Next.
The From File Folder window is displayed.
6. In Folder, click Browse and specify the folder that contains the artifacts.
7. Select the Convert Relative Paths to Absolute check box. This converts the file path of the dependent artifacts from relative path locations to absolute path locations.
Note:  All dependency references in the files in selected location is updated and the files will not be compatible with DataIntegrator v9. Hence, it is recommended to chose a copy of the original v9 workspace. Else, the original files are overwritten after the import is completed.
8. Select Copy Project to Workspace check box. This option copies all the folder content into the new workspace project folder.
9. Click Finish.
The files are imported into a newly created DataConnect project, which is displayed in the Project Explorer.
During import, the following occurs:
A .project file is created in the location of the File Folder. This makes the folder an official DataConnect project.
A DataConnect project (name same as the folder) is created inside your workspace folder.
The .metadata/.plugins/or.eclipse.core.resources/.projects workspace folder is updated to contain the project name folder, which contains metadata about the project including its location.
Artifact dependency paths and file names are checked and edited as appropriate. Therefore, if the files originated from an older version and contains locations that no longer exists, then those locations are changed to reflect the current location. Relative paths are not converted to absolute paths unless you explicitly chose that option.
A DataConnect_copy_{date-time}.log is generated. You can review this log to view any modification, the files that you were not able to locate, and so on. Any problematic files may need to be manually edited.
Last modified date: 08/02/2023