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Importing Existing Projects into Workspace
This topic provides information on how to import an Actian DataConnect project (a .project file).
You can import existing projects in the following cases:
If you have transferred an entire project folder to another system and want to import it into your current system.
If someone has sent you a .zip of their project and you want to unzip it and import it into your workspace.
If you create a new workspace and want to import a project that was in the earlier workspace into the new workspace.
To import existing projects into workspace:
1. Go to File > Import.
The Import window is displayed.
2. Expand General, click Existing Projects into Workspace, and click Next.
The Import Projects window is displayed.
3. Select the Select root directory or Select archive file option depending on the source from where you want to import the projects. Click Browse and specify the directory or archive file.
The projects are displayed in the Projects section.
4. Select the projects that you want to import.
Click Select All to select all projects or click Deselect All to clear the selected projects. If you change the root directory or the archive file, the click Refresh to refresh the list of displayed projects.
5. In Options, select the required option:
Search for nested projects: Search of nested projects in the projects to be imported.
Copy projects into Workspace: Copy the imported project instead of moving it. This option is available only when you import several projects from a root directory.
Close newly imported projects upon completion: Closes projects that are newly imported.
Hide projects that already exist in the workspace: Hide existing projects from the Projects list. This option is available only when you import several projects.
Working Sets: Add the project being imported to a working set. Working sets can be used to filter resources by only including specified resources. Select Add project to working sets option and click New to add the project to a new working set or click Select to choose an existing working set.
6. Click Finish.
The imported project is displayed in Project Explorer.
Last modified date: 08/02/2023