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Importing Preferences
This topic provides information on how to import preferences. This in useful in case you are setting up another system or sharing the settings with another user. The preferences that can be imported include General preferences, the Content Extractor preferences, and a few of the top-level DataConnect preferences.
Before importing, you must export the preferences into a .epf file.
To import the preferences:
1. Go to File > Import.
The Import window is displayed.
2. Expand General, click Preferences, and click Next.
The Import Preferences window is displayed.
3. In From preferences file, click Browse and specify the .epf file.
The contents of the .epf file are displayed in the text box.
4. Select specific preferences to import or select Import All option to import all the preferences.
You can also click Select All to select all the preferences or click Deselect All.
5. Click Finish.
The preferences are imported.
Last modified date: 08/02/2023