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Importing Projects from a Folder or Archive
You can import projects from a folder or archive file into the current workspace. This option is similar to the Archive File option but allows you to import projects at the root level of the workspace instead of within an existing project.
To import projects from a folder or archive:
1. Go to File > Import.
The Import window is displayed.
2. Expand General, click Projects from Folder or Archive, and click Next.
The Import Projects from File System or Archive window is displayed.
3. In Import source, you can click one of the following:
Directory - Allows to select the directory from which the artifacts must be imported.
Archive - Allows to specify an archive file to import.
The contents of the directory or archive file is displayed in the text box.
4. Select the following options if required:
Hide already open projects: Close all inactive projects.
Close newly imported projects upon completion: Close the newly imported projects upon completion of the import process. This may be beneficial if you are importing many projects.
Search of nested projects: Search nested projects in the project being imported.
Detect and configure project natures: Automatically detect Project Natures and configure them for the project.
Working Sets: Add the project being imported to a working set. Working sets can be used to filter resources by only including specified resources. Select Add project to working sets option and click New to add the project to a new working set or click Select to choose an existing working set.
5. Click Finish.
The files are imported into Project Explorer.
Last modified date: 08/10/2022