User Guide : Managing Document Schemas : Importing Segments from Segment Library File
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Importing Segments from Segment Library File
After linking the segment library with the document schema file, you can import the required segments from the segment library into the schema file.
To import a segment:
1. In Project Explorer, open the required .ds.xml file for which the segment library is already linked. For information to link a library file, see Linking Library Files.
The Schema tab is displayed.
2. In the tree view, you can do the following as per requirement:
Right-click on existing segment or loop where you want to import the segment and select Import Segment.
Right-click on the loop and select Import Subsegment.
The Select Segment Library window is displayed.
3. In the left-pane, select the required segment and click OK.
The selected segment is imported into the Schema file. You can edit the properties for the imported segment. For details, see Editing Document Schema File.