User Guide : Using Design Templates : Importing Templates Automatically
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Importing Templates Automatically
When launching DataConnect, you can automatically import the template projects into a workspace that does not already have the templates installed. The import operation performs the following:
Copies all the template projects and the macro definition file into the new workspace.
Sets the workspace to use the copied macro definition file.
To import templates into a workspace
1. Launch DataConnect Studio IDE.
The Select a Workspace dialog box is displayed.
Note:  If you launch DataConnect for the first time, you can use the default workspace or specify a new workspace. On Windows, only the default workspace C:\Users\<username>\Actian\DataConnect\workspace has write permission. All other folders in C:\Users are read-only. Hence, you must specify the default location or specify a location other than C:\Users.
2. After specify the workspace, select the Import DataConnect Templates option.
Note:  If the workspace is new and not yet created, then the Import DataConnect Templates checkbox is selected by default.
If the workspace already exists but does not have the templates installed, then the Import DataConnect Templates checkbox is enabled but not selected by default. If the templates are already installed or if the workspace location has "templates" in its path, the Import DataConnect Templates option is not selected and disabled.
3. Click OK.
The Templates projects are imported into DataConnect Studio IDE and the Welcome page is displayed.
4. Close the Welcome page or click Go to Workspace.
The Templates projects is displayed in Project Explorer.