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Integration Toolset
The integration platform offers a design-time and a run-time environment for the creation of data integration transformations and processes. These data integration designs are made up of source and target connectors, structured schemas, and maps that exist as reusable, portable elements. Each transformation also includes events, event actions, and error-management settings.
The platform consists of tools that perform mapping, transformation, process, and file management tasks:
Editors connect and manipulate data from various sources, maps and transforms the data to target data types. The following editors are available:
Map Editor: Map and transform data
Schema Editor: Define data structures
Process Editor: Group related tasks into automated data integration processes
EZscript Editor: Create and manage EZscript expressions within a map and a process.
Extract Editor: Markup unstructured data, extract the required data fields from various lines in the file, and assemble the fields into a flat data record.
Project Explorer: Manages projects and files that are used by the other tools.
Engine: Runs the transformations and processes from the editors to generate results.
Last modified date: 06/13/2022