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Invoking Runtime Engine Using CLI
The runtime engine is invoked using the djengine command. The standalone engine must be already installed.
Note:  You can also use the runtime engine that is embedded in the DataConnect Design Studio.
Before invoking the Runtime Engine, make sure that you have set the following environment variables:
Set the path of the initialization file. By default, the initialization file is cosmos.ini.
Windows: C:\ProgramData\Actian\DataConnect\actian-dc-studio-64-bit-11.X.X-{buildnumber}
Set the path of the djengine.exe file:
Windows: <<Installation_Directory>>\di-standalone-engine-64-bit-11.X.X-{buildnumber}\runtime\di9
Linux: <<Installation_Directory>>/di-standalone-engine-64-bit-11.X.X-{buildnumber}/runtime/di9
Note:  On Windows, the default DataConnect installation folder is C:\Program Files\Actian\di-standalone-engine-64-bit-11.X.X-{buildnumber}. On Linux, it is /opt/Actian/di-standalone-engine-64-bit-11.X.X-{buildnumber}, where, X.X is the DataConnect version number that is installed on the system.
Note:  Also, for Linux set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the same location as PATH.
To run properly, Runtime Engine must locate the initialization file that contains the required information, including the library path and the license file paths. The default initialization file is cosmos.ini. You can specify your own initialization file using the -initialization_info command line option. See Command Line Options.
When Runtime Engine is installed, the library path entry is saved in the Runtime Engine cosmos.ini file. The library path is set to the path where the product DLLs are installed. The license file path must be set manually after installation.
If the Runtime Engine environment is not set up properly, it returns a 25003 error during execution. If there is an issue with the license path or file, it returns a 30010 error during execution. The license path must be properly mentioned in the cosmos.ini file. For information about the error codes, see Message Component Framework Engine Error Codes.
Last modified date: 06/13/2022