User Guide : Introduction : Key Features
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Key Features
DataConnect version 11 provides the following key features:
Modern, lightweight desktop design interface: Increase design time performance and quickly build integrations using a powerful IDE.
Connect to any source:
Integrate with cloud, on-premise, mobile, IoT data using hundreds of pre-built connectors.
Create custom connectors and workflow components using the proprietary connectivity SDK.
Create custom design interface using Studio SDK.
Empower endpoint users to fix breaks without relying on IT.
Data Integrator 9 Compatibility Mode: Optional mode that allows to create and edit Data Integrator version 9 artifacts using all the familiar events and actions in the XML metadata format. If compatibility mode is not enabled, artifacts are created in JSON format.
Note:  Help topics that include information specific to this compatibility mode are highlighted with the icon.
Design robust high-performance maps and processes using interactive feedback from the integration engine and the reporting interface.
Lightweight desktop design interface built on a widely-adopted, extensible open-source IDE framework
Ability to import, rather than migrate, prior version integration artifacts (from Data Integrator v9 and DataConnect v10)
Open, file-system based metadata repository enables use of your existing source control systems
Flexible Software Development Kit (SDK) and Command Line Interface (CLI) to support your custom job management infrastructure
Integration Features
Enhanced map interface:
Support for multiple targets
View and navigate to all the source and targets that are defined in a map
Enhanced data aggregation functions
Ability to select multiple tables for multimode connectors
Duplicate events from one record type to another record type
If multiple targets are defined, use map navigator to quickly focus to the target you want to view.
Easy-to-use and standard approach for RESTful web services integration on premise and in the cloud.
Engine execution profiler provides immediate, interactive performance feedback
Built-in XML, JSON, and Text editors for power-users to modify metadata directly
Auto-complete assist in script editor
Support for multiple macro files, macro sets, and encrypted macros
Powerful search and replace capabilities for workspaces, projects, and artifacts
Integration Manager:
DataCloud deployment option: Manage in the cloud, run-time on-premise through agents. For more information, see Integration Manager Documentation available at