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Launching DataConnect Studio IDE On Windows
To launch DataConnect Studio IDE on Windows
1. From the Start menu, go to Actian, and double-click DataConnect.
The Workspace Launcher window is displayed.
2. Select the required workspace and click OK.
The default workspace is C:\Users\<username>\Actian\DataConnect\workspace.
Note:  If you launch DataConnect for the first time, you can use the default workspace or specify a new workspace. Certain directories on Windows OS cannot be selected as workspace. These directories have special meaning and are reserved by the system for its internal use. Hence, if you select any of these directories, then it may not work properly in DataConnect. For example:
C:\Users\All Users\Desktop
C:\Users\All Users\Documents
C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft
C:\Users\All Users\Templates
C:\ProgramData\Application Data
3. When you launch Studio IDE for the first time, the About DataConnect window is displayed where you must provide a valid license file. For more information, see Uploading License File.
4. Close the About DataConnect window to open DataConnect Studio IDE.
The Welcome page is displayed that provides a set of links to useful resources.
Last modified date: 06/13/2022