User Guide : Managing Document Schemas : Linking Library Files
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Linking Library Files
You can link the following types of library files to a schema file depending on the type of the schema file (HL7, HIPAA, X12, or EDIFACT).
Segment library contains all segment definitions. It defines segment fields, but not field datatype.
Code value library contains all code value definitions used by fields.
Codeset library contains code table values, any date and time masks in your schema, and segment qualifiers that is, it contains the definition for Element value, Operator, and Datamask. The Element must set the ExtratRule property to No (if it is set to Yes, it belongs to schema definition). When linking to Codeset library, these values are loaded into the HIPAA schema. After the modifications, you can save the code set library or save the library file as another code set library file. This library file is used for HIPAA validation. One HIPAA schema may have multiple Codeset. However, only one Codeset is used (or linked) for the schema.
The code set (.dsc.xml) file is generated automatically when you save your schema. By default, they are stored in the same location as your schema.
You cannot modify a code set file by opening the .dsc.xml file. You must open a schema and point to the appropriate codes et file. Make the changes to the schema and then save it.
Field library defines a field such as item and datatype.
After linking the required library files, you can import segments from segment library file to the schema file.
In case of HL7, only after you link the segment and field libraries, you can edit the schema. HL7 schema only contains segment definition. When HL7 schema is linked with segment library and field library, it is a complete schema. The purpose of the HL7 schema is to allow multiple schema to associate with one segment library and field library.
The following table provides information about the library files that you can specify for HIPAA, HL7, X12, and EDIFACT file types.
Edoc File Type
Library File
Segment Library, Codeset Library, and Code Value Library (all the three are optional)
Segment Library and Code Value Library (both are optional)
Segment Library and Code Value Library (both are optional)
Segment Library and Field Library is required. Code Value Library is optional.
Note:  If you want to import a segment to a HIPPA, X12, or EDIFACT type of a file, then you must specify the segment library file on the Configuration tab. For more information, see Importing Segments from Segment Library File.
The following table provides the file extensions for the library files.
Library File
File Extension
Segment Library
Codeset Library
Code Value Library
Field Library