User Guide : Managing Document Schemas : Linking Library Files : Linking Library Files With Document Schema File
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Linking Library Files With Document Schema File
To link the library files with a document schema file:
1. In Project Explorer, open a .ds.xml file for which you want to link the library files.
2. In case of HIPAA, X12, or EDIFACT file types, click the Configuration tab. By default, the Configuration tab is displayed for HL7 file type.
The Configuration tab displays the following sections depending on the file type:
For example, if the file type is HIPAA, the Segments, CodeSet, and Codes sections are displayed.
3. To link the required library file, click Browse in the respective section.
The window to select the file is displayed.
4. Specify the library file that you want to link with the schema file.
The files are linked with the schema file and the values are updated for a few properties in the Schema tab.
5. Click Save to save the changes.