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Linking Steps
To add links between steps
1. In the Tool Box, click /download/attachments/24976029/Link_icon.png?version=1&modificationDate=1488168037306&api=v2. The cursor changes to the /download/attachments/24976029/map_cursor.png?version=1&modificationDate=1490816977619&api=v2 linking cursor.
2. Click the first step to execute.
3. Click the second step to execute and so on.
The last step to link is the Stop step.
When you are linking a decision step to another step, you will be prompted to select True or False. These options dictates the path for the process. When the process is executed and the expression inside the Decision step is evaluated, the process follows the true or false path.
The links from one step to the other are maintained even if you change the location of the step on the canvas.
The links can be moved to have angles. Every straight line has a dot in the center of the link. Click on the link to view the dot. Click on this dot, hold and drag the line to create an angle. Repeat the process by clicking on the center of the lines that was established. In case of decision step links that include the annotations (True or False), the annotation moves with the line.
After linking the steps, click the /download/attachments/24976029/SelectIcon.png?version=1&modificationDate=1488168037555&api=v2 icon to return the mouse to the normal Select functionality.
Last modified date: 03/21/2023