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Managing Temporary Targets
Temporary targets are used to store records in memory and write them later to the target. You must position temporary targets at the top of the source links list to make sure they are populated before any mapping occurs.
This section provides information to add and delete temporary targets.
Note:  Temporary Targets are not available in v9 compatible maps.
Adding Temporary Targets
To add a temporary target:
1. On the Sources tab, click the down arrow next to icon and select Temporary Target.
The temporary target is added with the default name TEMP_TARGET_1.
2. In the Temp Target Properties section, specify the following:
Property Name
Displays the default name of the temporary target. To change the name, click within the text box and type the required name. The updated name is displayed in the Select Target drop down list and Map Navigator.
Type a description for the temporary target.
The property is Schema Mismatch. Select the required value:
Treat as Error (default value)
Use Map Schema
Use Connection, Match by Position
Use Connection, Match by Name
3. In Confirm Schema section, click Browse and specify the schema.
The contents of the schema file is displayed in the table on the right-side.
4. To add additional temporary targets, repeat step 1 to 3.
The temporary target is added at the following locations on the Mapping tab:
Simple View: Temporary target is added to the Source drop-down menu.
Advanced View:
Temporary target is added to the Source tree with the following sub nodes:
All Record Types
All Record Instances
Source Events
Temporary target is added to the filter. If you select a temporary target, anything defined before the selected temporary target is displayed in the tree view.
Also, the temporary targets are listed in the EZscript Expression Editor > Fields section if the temporary target schema is selected.
Specifying New Schema for Temporary Target
You can add a new schema for Temporary Target, edit, or delete an existing schema in the Mapping Advanced View. The changes made in this view will reflect on the Source tab or any other location where the Temporary Target is displayed.
After adding a temporary target from the Sources tab, you can do the following to specify a new schema for the temporary target:
1. On the Mapping tab, go to Advanced View and select the newly added temporary target from the filter. For example, TEMP_TARGET_1
2. In the target tree, expand the newly added temporary target node.
3. Click All Record Types.
4. Click to add a record.
Note:  You can add a single record only. After adding a record, the icon is disabled.
5. If required, edit the Name and add a Description. By default, the name is R1.
6. Expand all the child nodes of All Record Instances and click <recordname>_group. For example, R1_group.
7. Click to add fields and specify the required information for each field.
8. Save the map.
Deleting Temporary Targets
To delete a temporary target, on the Sources tab, from the Select Source drop-down list, select the temporary target that you want to delete and click icon. The temporary target is deleted and does not appear in Map Navigator.