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Map Designer Results
When a Source File is entered on the Source Connection tab, a connection is usually made automatically between the Source data file and the Map Designer Extractor spoke. After a connection is made, the Connect button will be grayed out. If the Connect button is not grayed out, click it to make the connection.
Process Script
When a new script file is entered on the Source Connection Tab, or when the Refresh Script button is clicked, the Map Designer checks the script for syntax errors, scans the input lines of the Source data file, determines the structure of the Source data, reads the Source data, and will show you the data if you select the Source Data Browser. The data is ready to be converted to any Target Connector you choose.
Refresh Script
When syntax or logic errors are made in a script file, the script must be changed to fix the problem. If a change is required to a script that has already been read by the Map Designer, the Refresh Script button on the Source Connection Tab can be used to tell the Map Designer to re-read the script.
Source Data Browser and Source Schema
If the script syntax is correct, the Source Data Browser can be used to display all of the output records. The Source Schema window can be used to display the structure of the Source data as it is defined in the script. The output records will not actually exist until the conversion is completed and run.
Last modified date: 06/13/2022