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Map Designer Setup
CXL scripts are used in the Map Designer when defining a Source. The required input on the Source Connection Tab is a Source type, a Source data file and a script.
Source Type
On the Map Designer Source Connection Tab, select either the general Extractor Source Connector Type or a specialized type like Dodge or DIALOG. When one of these Extractor Source types has been chosen, the Source Connection Tab will refresh to display a Source File text box, a Source Script text box, a Connect button, and a Refresh Script button.
Source Data File
The Source data file can be any text, data, or report file. The Source data file should be entered in the Source File text box on the Source Connection tab. Given that CXL scripts are written to look for data in a certain position, the Source data file should be one that the chosen script will be able to get useful information from.
CXL Script
Enter the path and file name of the CXL script in the Source Script text box on the Source Connection tab. Script files can be stored anywhere, however, the convention is to store them in the same directory as the source file, or in the CXL sub-directory under your Cosmos installation directory.
Last modified date: 06/13/2022