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Metacharacters are characters with special meaning that perform a certain task. The regular expression metacharacters supported in the CXL script language are:
^ $ . + * ? | \ [ and ] - ( and )
Metacharacter Meanings and Examples
1. beginning of a line or string
2. negation, inside a character class [ ]
1. /^ABC/
2. /[^ABC]D/
1. matches ABC at the beginning of a line or string
2. matches any character before D except A or B or C
end of a line or string
matches ABC at the end of a line or string
any single character
matches any three letter word
one or more
matches one or more B characters after A (AB, ABB, ABBB, …)
zero or more
matches zero or more B characters after A (A, AB, ABB, ABBB, …)
zero or one
matches zero or one B character after A (A, AB)
matches ABC or DEF
literal character
literally matches the string $50.00, negates the effects of the metacharacters, $ and .
boundary of regular expression
matches any line with ABC in it, forward slash shows beginning and end of regular expression
[ ]
character class
matches any digit
matches any digit followed by any capitol letter
( )
matches zero or more of the group "bob" before by (by, bobby, bobbobby, bobbobbobby, …)
Last modified date: 08/10/2022