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MySQL (ODBC 3.5)
MySQL is an open-source, relational database management system. The integration platform connects to MySQL databases using the ODBC 3.5 connector.
For ODBC 3.5 property and source and target schema information, see ODBC 3.5.
Connector-Specific Notes
Case-Sensitive Names in Statements - Case sensitivity is controlled by the operating system. Case should be considered in the naming of databases and tables. Database and table names are case-insensitive in Windows and case-sensitive in Linux. Regardless of the operating system, case consistency must be observed within a statement. For example, the following query fails because it refers to a table that is named "my_table" as "MY_TABLE" in the query statement:
SELECT * FROM my_table WHERE MY_TABLE.col=1;
Note:  Support for the native MySQL connector has been discontinued. Use the ODBC 3.5 connector to connect to MySQL databases. For connection information, see ODBC 3.5. For current driver information, see and look for MyODBC_3.51.
Allowing Duplicate Values Upon Upsert - When you are using an Upsert action, you may receive an error saying that you cannot insert a duplicate value. To allow duplicate values, do the following:
1. In the Windows Control Panel, open Set up data sources (ODBC).
2. Select your MySQL data source and then click Configure.
3. Click the Details >> button at the bottom of the MySQL Connector/ODBC Data Source Configuration window.
4. Go to the Cursors/Results tab.
5. Check the Return matched rows instead of affected rows check box.
6. Click OK.