User Guide : Using Content Extraction Language : Language Syntax and Examples : NamePart ("[h] [f] [m] [mi] [l] [t]", "string")
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NamePart ("[h] [f] [m] [mi] [l] [t]", "string")
This built-in function splits (parses) a name field and returns the "parts" of a full name, (i.e., first, middle, last, …) either to the same field in a different order or to separate fields. When a field in the source file contains a full name, it is sometimes desirable to either re-arrange the name in the same field in the target file, or split (parse) the full name into "parts" (honorific, first, middle, last, title) and write each part or some combination of parts to separate fields in the target file.
The arguments for the NamePart Function are: